Mat Kearney Young Love (2011) Review (w/ Bonus Tracks DL)

1 08 2011

Mat Kearney Young Love

Release Date: 8/2/2011
Rating: 3 out of 5

01. Hey Mama
02. Ships In The Night
03. Count On Me
04. Sooner Or Later
05. Chasing The Light
06. Learning To Love Again
07. Down
08. She Got The Honey
09. Young Dumb And In Love
10. Rochester

The album can be purchased here: iTunes

Bonus Tracks:
Two Hearts
Head Or Your Heart
Virginia Is For Lovers

Bonus Tracks Download Link

Not surprisingly the inspiration for Mat’s third studio album, Young Love, was his recent marriage. There are some really cool pictures of the wedding, which took place in Franklin, TN. As a result of Mat’s recent good fortune, the album has a very upbeat happy-go-lucky sound to it. This is in stark contrast to the Nothing Left To Lose sound of man traveling the country desperately seeking answers to questions unknown. On this album it sounds like Mat’s got it all figured out.

The album opens up with the first single off the album, Hey Mama. A catchy foot-stomper that Mat allegedly wrote in his apartment after the jubilation of his first date with his now wife Annie.

The next track, Ships In The Night, is a welcomed return to Mat’s acoustic rap style that originally got me hooked on his music. The third track, Count On Me, follows in the footsteps of Hey Mama with the accompaniment of a child choir, but is a little too poppy for my liking.

Sooner or Later and Chasing the Light are both solid middle of the album type songs that any Mat Kearney fan will enjoy. For me though the shining spot on the album is the 6th song Learning To Love. A sincere heartfelt track that instantly resonated with me from the opening line “Your poker face ain’t fooling nobody.” Next up is another beat poetry style track called Down that is reminiscent of early Mat songs like Tomorrow and Undeniable.

Mat’s declaration of love and happiness continues with She Got The Honey and Young Dumb And In Love. The album concludes nicely with Rochester, a song where Mat bares his soul about his troubled relationship with his father.

Overall the albums OK. Mat’s attempt at mainstream pop appeal seems a little forced at times and with only 10 tracks there’s not enough left to pick up the slack.

My favorite tracks are:

Learning To Love
Ships In The Night
Chasing The Light
Sooner Or Later

I was a little upset the song Goodnight Elizabeth never made the album. This was a song from the City Of Black & White era that never got released. All I have is a recording of an acoustic version of the song Mat did a while back. Here it is for anyone whose interested.

Mat Kearney – Goodnight Elizabeth

Here is a link to the Bonus Tracks: Download Link




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