Officially Graduated

9 09 2011

The first day of the rest of my life… or so they say.

Well its official, I completed my MBA program at Northeastern University and now it’s time to conquer the world, but not without some reflecting. Those 2 years went by in the blink of an eye with a lot of late nights and early mornings. I got to meet a lot of great people and gained some invaluable experience. I was able to take a trip to China to see how business works over there (believe it or not they manufacture a lot of things there). And I had an awesome opportunity to work with fashion startup in Boston called Open Runway.

Early Days

Vandelay Industries: All Business

This is where it all started, the learning team hard at work. We definitely went through some growing pains, but ultimately we were able to utilize each others strengths and become a pretty effective team.


Going to China really gave me a whole new perspective on the world. I never realized how different life was in other countries because I had never left North America before. As it turns out, there’s no such thing as personal space over there, probably because there’s so many people. One of the most surprising things was that we couldn’t even see the sun the first couple of days we were in Xian because of all the pollution from the factories. It wasn’t until Sunday when the factories were closed that the sun came out (sidenote: I wonder if that’s why its called Sunday).

Open Runway

Shortly after I got back from China I began my Corporate Residency at Open Runway, a company that is about to take the fashion world by storm allowing users to design their own fashion. This was a really unique opportunity for me to gain experience in all facets of marketing and help Open Runway generate buzz both locally and online.

Moving Foward

I learned a lot and had a lot of great times over the last couple of years, but now I’m looking forward to the future and starting a career in marketing.



The Green Monster

After graduation my mother and I decided to see a game at Fenway park, one of the most storied stadiums in all of baseball. Living in Boston and being a huge fan of baseball I had been to the stadium multiple times, but for mom it was her first. Not surprisingly we arrived late and I was little embarrassed because we had to ask a row of Boston faithful’s to stand up so we could get to our seats in the middle of the first inning. Trying not to stick out more than we already had I quickly took my seat and tried to watch the game in the silence. The silence wouldn’t last long though as my mother nudged me in the shoulder and informed me as she pointed to left field “Jeff thats what they call the Green Monster.” As a couple of the avid Red Sox fans around us snickered at my ignorance I just hung my head in shame.




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26 11 2011
Sean McGovern


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