The Lumineers Ho Hey (Download Link)

21 12 2011

This is a great little song by an up-and-coming band called the Lumineers. The video is sure to make you want to grab a pint and stomp your feet. Apparently the song was featured in a show called The Hart Of Dixie (I’m getting this info from my sister, I promise I don’t watch the show). According to the Lumineers website their full length debut album will be out in March of 2012. In the meantime they have an EP available on iTunes and they just recently recorded some tunes over at Daytrotter.

Link to EP: iTunes
Link to the Daytrotter Sessions

To download Ho Hey click the arrow on the righthand side of the player below:

While I do love Ho Hey, I must say that I’ve grown to like another song from their Daytrotter Sessions a little bit more. The song is called Slow It Down and you can check it out below:




One response

23 02 2012

Thanks Jeff! Ho Hey is getting played a lot in Seattle. I just was looking to download it and came across your blog. Just looked at Daytrotter for the first time–I love it!

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