About Jeff

If a tree falls in the woods and no one is around would anyone read this blog? Probably not, but I digress.

Congratulations you are the first person to find this blog! Jeff Walsh is a full service blogger who is dedicated to accommodating the needs of all of his readers (read: you). Some of Jeff’s interests include: marketing, music, and writing in the third person.

Fun fact about Jeff: He enjoys the smell of urinal cakes.

Bonus Fun Fact: Jeff is strangely addicted to Mall Chinese food. They lure him in with those samples and aggressive sales tactics every time. (Darn tricksters! The sample is never just a sample!)


3 responses

26 09 2011
socialspaz (@thesocialspaz)

I must say, I’ve read a lot of About Me sections and yours is the first one with the fun fact about enjoying the smell of urinal cakes. I laughed out loud and will make sure to read your blog/twitter!

20 04 2012

lol i guess i am the first german visitor luv the indi rock music u post

24 04 2012

Thanks for the kind words. I’ll post some more music soon.

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