Good Track: Trevor Hall – Lime Tree

19 08 2012

I’ve been listening to this song a lot lately. It’s very relaxing.


New Song: Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks (w/ Download link)

9 01 2012


In the wake of The Lumineers song Ho Hey, comes another upbeat anthem called Little Talks by Of Monsters And Men. The band is from Iceland and has just recently released an EP on itunes titled Into The Woods. The band says they are working on re-releasing their debut album My Head Is An Animal some time this year. If you dig around enough, I’m sure you can find the current release of the album somewhere on the web.

Itunes Link To EP: Into The Woods

Follow the band:

Download MP3: Little Talks

The Lumineers Ho Hey (Download Link)

21 12 2011

This is a great little song by an up-and-coming band called the Lumineers. The video is sure to make you want to grab a pint and stomp your feet. Apparently the song was featured in a show called The Hart Of Dixie (I’m getting this info from my sister, I promise I don’t watch the show). According to the Lumineers website their full length debut album will be out in March of 2012. In the meantime they have an EP available on iTunes and they just recently recorded some tunes over at Daytrotter.

Link to EP: iTunes
Link to the Daytrotter Sessions

To download Ho Hey click the arrow on the righthand side of the player below:

While I do love Ho Hey, I must say that I’ve grown to like another song from their Daytrotter Sessions a little bit more. The song is called Slow It Down and you can check it out below:

Jack’s Mannequin: People & Things (w/Bonus Tracks Download)

15 12 2011

Track Listing:

1 Release Me
2 My Racing Thoughts
3 Television
4 Amy, I
5 Hey Hey Hey (We’re All Gonna Die)
6 People, Running
7 Amelia Jean
8 Platform Fire
9 Hostage
10 Restless Dream
11 Casting Lines

Bonus Songs:

12 No Man Is An Island
13 Ten Days Gone
14 Dancing With A Gun
15 Broken Bird
16 Out Of It (Passenger Demonstration Tape)
17 Locked Doors (Transit Demonstration Tape)
18 Keep Rising (Passenger Demonstration Tape)

Link to purchase: iTunes
Link to purchase: Amazon
Bonus Tracks Download (Mediafire):


Lead singer, Andrew McMahon, delivers yet another very solid release with People & Things. The first song and single off the album, My Racing Thoughts, kick-starts People & Things into high gear. The energy of the album continues to mount with a seemingly Billy Joel inspired piano anthem called Release Me. From there, McMahon confesses his inability to sleep without the tv on in Television. A feeling that I know all too well.

Amy, I is a fitting soundtrack for this time of year. With lyrics like:

Snow on the ground in Tennessee
North came South at the tops of the trees
Another long winter trying to fight this freeze
Waiting but the cold’s got a hold on me
Hold on me
Hold on to me

This is a bit of a departure from what we’re used to hearing from the Southern California native. The stand out track on the album for me would have to be Hostage. The song follows in the footsteps of power-pop classic JM tracks like The Resolution and I’m Ready. Perhaps the most heartfelt track on People & Things comes in the form of a bonus song called No Man Is An Island. This is a simple piano ballad that features some of McMahon’s most honest and endearing lyrics to date.

This album has definitely grown on me in the time since its October release. While People & Things isn’t on the same level as Everything In Transit, it’s definitely a step up from their 08 release The Glass Passenger. All-in-all when you add in the 7 bonus songs JM fans will find a lot to be thankful for this year.

Rating Out Of 5:

The Ultimate Exercise In Personal Branding

14 12 2011

What do you bring to the table?

With the state of the economy and the current unemployment rate, this job hunt hasn’t been as easy as expected for a recent MBA graduate. I’ve always envisioned myself thriving in a creative marketing environment, but my traditional .doc resume and cover letter weren’t getting through to potential employers.

I came to the conclusion that to prove I could make it in a creative environment, I needed to take a creative approach to find the right job. So I embarked on the ultimate exercise in personal branding and developed a video resume. After all if I’m going to be an effective marketer, I have to at least be able to market myself, right?

The Process

First, I needed to ask myself what do I bring to the table? Why should an employer hire me? I know I have a lot to offer an employer, but I wasn’t even getting a chance to plead my case in an interview. However, by creating a video resume I was able to offer a potential employer a glimpse of my experience and my personality. Essentially, I was giving them a preview of how I would fit into the office culture.

All-in-all, the video took me about 2 weeks to produce. Keep in mind I had no prior video editing experience nor any sort of professional equipment or software. I simply used the webcam on my Macbook Pro to shoot the video and iMovie to edit the footage. A lot of time was spent reshooting the video based on feedback from friends and learning how to actually use the iMovie software. The video quality isn’t the best, but I believe there’s a little charm in the low budget feel to the clip (sort of like an indie film).


While I’m not an expert on the subject, I can offer some suggestions to anyone looking to create a video for the purpose of personal branding.

1. A picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure you have some images to illustrate your point. Images will help a potential employer visualize your accomplishments. I used images to hide the transitions because I recorded my video in segments.
2.  Time is money. Many recruiters have to sift through hundreds of resumes just for one job opening. AKA they don’t have a lot of time, so highlight some of your key accomplishments and wrap it up. My video is roughly two and a half minutes.
3. Engage, engage, engage. The clip must be engaging. If you’re just reading your resume from a piece of paper there’s no point in creating it in the first place. The idea is to bring your prior experience to life and to introduce yourself. Don’t be afraid to let your personality shine through a bit.
4. Music is good. Some well placed music in the background can help liven up your video. I went with the instrumental to a song called Be by Common because it’s upbeat and inspirational.
5. Make life easy. Upload your video to a site like YouTube or Vimeo to make it easier on an employer. Chances are they won’t want to download a file to their computer for fear of getting a virus. Providing them with a simple link to click to a trusted site like YouTube will give your video a better chance to be seen.

“You miss 100% of the shots you never take.” 

In conclusion, when the traditional way of doing things isn’t working, sometimes you need to take a different approach. I realize my video resume isn’t going to be for everyone, but at the very least it’s going to get someone’s attention.

The Final Product

Radical Something – We Are Radical

27 09 2011



Rating: 4 out of 5

1. Long Hair Don’t Care
2. Escape
3. Looking For Love
4. Be Easy ft. Kinetics
5. Puppy Love
6. Radio
7. Give Me A Sign
8. No Lovin
9. Gonna Be Good
10. Come With Me
11. California
12. Freedom
13. Hey Babe
14. We Are Radical
15. Be Easy (Acoustic)

Link to Purchase: iTunes
Direct Download: Here
Twitter: @weareradical 

I’m really glad these guys were able to put out an album and they managed to do it in just 4 months. Radical Something is a group comprised of some laid back rhymes from  alternative hip hop artist Loggy, smooth guitar laden production from DJ Big Red, and sweet soulful choruses from Josh Cocktail. The trio has managed to bottle up the essence of California and put it into song. Songs like Escape, Be Easy, and Long Hair Don’t Care make you want to trade in your Honda Accord for a convertible.

Here’s an acoustic version of Come With Me to give you an idea of what these guys are all about.

You can’t help but be in a good mood listening to We Are Nothing. From beginning to end this album has the vibe of a summer breeze and palm trees. Loggy, DJ Big Red and Josh Cocktail come together to create a fresh sound and if they keep making music like this their future will be as bright as the California sunshine they sing about.

Stream the album below:

Officially Graduated

9 09 2011

The first day of the rest of my life… or so they say.

Well its official, I completed my MBA program at Northeastern University and now it’s time to conquer the world, but not without some reflecting. Those 2 years went by in the blink of an eye with a lot of late nights and early mornings. I got to meet a lot of great people and gained some invaluable experience. I was able to take a trip to China to see how business works over there (believe it or not they manufacture a lot of things there). And I had an awesome opportunity to work with fashion startup in Boston called Open Runway.

Early Days

Vandelay Industries: All Business

This is where it all started, the learning team hard at work. We definitely went through some growing pains, but ultimately we were able to utilize each others strengths and become a pretty effective team.


Going to China really gave me a whole new perspective on the world. I never realized how different life was in other countries because I had never left North America before. As it turns out, there’s no such thing as personal space over there, probably because there’s so many people. One of the most surprising things was that we couldn’t even see the sun the first couple of days we were in Xian because of all the pollution from the factories. It wasn’t until Sunday when the factories were closed that the sun came out (sidenote: I wonder if that’s why its called Sunday).

Open Runway

Shortly after I got back from China I began my Corporate Residency at Open Runway, a company that is about to take the fashion world by storm allowing users to design their own fashion. This was a really unique opportunity for me to gain experience in all facets of marketing and help Open Runway generate buzz both locally and online.

Moving Foward

I learned a lot and had a lot of great times over the last couple of years, but now I’m looking forward to the future and starting a career in marketing.



The Green Monster

After graduation my mother and I decided to see a game at Fenway park, one of the most storied stadiums in all of baseball. Living in Boston and being a huge fan of baseball I had been to the stadium multiple times, but for mom it was her first. Not surprisingly we arrived late and I was little embarrassed because we had to ask a row of Boston faithful’s to stand up so we could get to our seats in the middle of the first inning. Trying not to stick out more than we already had I quickly took my seat and tried to watch the game in the silence. The silence wouldn’t last long though as my mother nudged me in the shoulder and informed me as she pointed to left field “Jeff thats what they call the Green Monster.” As a couple of the avid Red Sox fans around us snickered at my ignorance I just hung my head in shame.

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